Investor i7

Offering investment access to individual financial services products with fully integrated and serviced back office functions and reporting.

Fully developed brands and solutions are offered for you to participate in.

Corporate i7

Offering access to corporates looking to join with a trusted partner and offer financial services their own client base. Fully integrated and branded lending services and customer support. Advanced customisation features and a full suite of professional level tools deliver a fully functioning solution in a rich, highly intuitive environment for maximum performance. Trusted partner services and the system is fully customisable as standard, features you would expect from BLUE.

The financial services solution is fully customised and its end to end totally managed for you.

Institution i7

A full own branded banking service. It is our most robust fully featured retail banking platform, providing advanced customisation features and business process optimisation. A full suite of professional level modules delivered in a rich, highly intuitive environment for maximum performance.

The financial services solution is customised to your brand for you to operate.

Credit and Card Services

Traditionally retailers, brands, organisations and governmental bodies that want to offer personal finance products to their customers have had to do so in tandem with the major financial institutions. Operating in this way they have little control over the product offered, the service provided or the actual customer. Further they have suffered as restrictive practices and anti competitive interests have stifled their ability to offer competitive products, ignored the uniqueness of their brand and did not harness their knowledge of their customer base by offering relative incentives.

Harnessing your brand and customer base we help you offer retail banking services as a proven way to increase customer loyalty and activity, driving new business revenue streams.

BLUE has radically reduced the cost of retail banking technology, destroying the barriers to entry traditional institutions have put in the way. Brand based banking is the way forward. BLUE offer tailored, branded, online retail banking platforms to Corporates, Institutions  and Private Investors alike.



Remaining at the forefront of Retail eBanking means technology is at the very heart of our business. We employ and invest in specialist and exploratory ‘Research and Development’ staff to lead the way and provide us with the most reliable and innovative enterprise strength platform possible. We develop to your requirements.

Marketing Services and Capabilities

BLUE – Enhance your brand with access to deep digital marketing experience and help your business acquire customers more efficiently.

– Digital: SEO, PPC, Display and affiliates.
– Web development and site funneling.
– Real time tracking and reporting.
– Best in class email and SMS techniques.
– Branded online applications
– Branded Call Centre.


BLUE Systems

– Branded platforms.
– Branded client services and sales support.
– Advanced profiling tools.
– Backend access to customer segmentation.
– Backend access to reporting.