Reporting and Analytics.

BLUE’s Platform Office mines and integrates data from all the functional departments within the business and across the duration of your customers life cycle – in ONE place. This 360 view gives complete transparency and acts as both an early warning tool and detects opportunities for further improvement. This “single place” knowledge is unique and can be used to monitor profitability, create campaigns (including cross-promotional activities) increase loyalty and reduce customer acquisition costs. The end result is smarter business: higher conversion, less churn, deeper customer knowledge and complete real-time control, audit and transparency.

Customised platforms reduce client acquisition costs.

We have designed as many features as possible to be fully customisable, so we can adapt the platform to suit you, your products and local regulatory requirements. You can organise your preferred features and tools via our intelligent layouts that keep your operation running smoothly based on staff skill sets. We custom tailor your online product offering to satisfy the customers you know best, your target audience, allowing you to focus on marketing while BLUE takes care of the operations and compliance overhead. Complete seamless integration of third-party financial services via our API.


Regulation and Security.

BLUE is committed to conducting business to the highest standard and allowing our customers to operate in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations governing your product and jurisdiction. We constantly monitor developments and adapt our technology to ensure our clients have the choice to adopt recommendations first and as best of breed.